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Dental Veneers Long Beach

Cosmetic densitry offers solutions for almost any tooth related issues. Over time, teeth can become stained because of coffee, food and smoking or other forms of tobacco. Veneers can be a great solution to give your teeth the look you once had or just want to have.

Veneers are thin laminates that fit over teeth to restore their color as well as removing gaps between teeth. Because we use our teeth so much, they can often become cracked, chipped or worn in certain spots. Veneers can help correct these issues that occur over time.

Veneers are made with the following steps. An impression of the tooth or teeth is cast in a mold. Once the cast of the tooth has been made, a thin layer of the tooth is removed to allow for the veneer to be placed over it and still look natural. The veneer is bonded to the tooth using a special cement designed specifically for the dental industry. Once the bonding process has occurred, a special light is used to finish the procedure.

Dental veneers are an easy way to correct dental imperfections and help give you the smile you once had. However, it is important to note that unlike other procedures, dental veneers are permanent it is important to consult with your cosmetic dentist thoroughly before considering this type of procedure.

Dr. Loren Rench and his staff at Bayshore Dental in Long Beach, California specialize in dental veneers as well as many other forms of cosmetic dentistry. Contact Dr. Rench at 562-494-3477 to find out more information about the many ways they can help you to improve your dental health and help you have a smile that will really make you smile.


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