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Root Canal Long Beach

Maintaining a high level of dental health will significantly decrease the need for more serious procedures in many cases. However in the event you do develop a significant dental problem, Dr. Rench and the staff at Bayshore Dental will provide the best treatment possible to correct the issue.

In many cases, serious dental problems occur because small problems are ignored and because of this become more serious over time, developing into serous issues that involve oral surgery. Here are some of the treatments for serious tooth and gum issues.

Root Canal – The mere mention of the word strikes fear into the hearts of many people. You might need a root canal because of an infection of a tooth or a traumatic injury to a tooth. In most cases, a tooth has between one and four root canals. When a tooth becomes infected, the infection will begin in the pulp. This is the point where you begin to experience pain. Left untreated, the infection can spread to the nerves and root of the tooth and even to other teeth. When the infection spreads, it can form pockets of pus which can cause absesses. This is when the pain becomes more significant and a root canal becomes necessary.

Root Canal therapy involves removing the diseased tissue, which in most cases can save the diseased tooth if treated early enough, eliminating the need for extraction. While the words root canal are two words most people do not want to hear, please consider the following:

In most cases, a root canal is not necessary when a proper dental regimen is used. Regular check ups and proper brushing and flossing can help to prevent issues from developing. Regular check ups can determine potential problems before the become larger issues. Without regular check ups, you do not know there is a problem until you start to experience pain. Techniques used in modern dentistry have become more efficient and less painful. With proper pain management techniques and significant advances in dentistry, the pain associated with these procedures has become nothing more than a stereotype.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, contact Dr. Rench’s office immediately to schedule an appointment for an examination. Early detection and proper maintenance can correct small problems before they develop. In the event that you do have a tooth that has deteriorated, we will educate you on your options and use the utmost care and comfort to correct the issue and take away your pain.


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