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Oral Surgeon Long Beach

Bayshore Dental understands that the idea of having surgery performed on your mouth or teeth can be a very unsettling propostion. This is why they have created an environment of trust with their patients to educate them on the procedures and to explain the benefits of the procedures. Our dental office has the latest state of the art technology and Dr. Rench and his staff are the consumate professionals.

Here are some of the services we provide:

Dental Implants

Dental implants have become a popular choice for people wanting to eliminate the need for traditional prosthetics such as dentures or partials. With implant dentistry the tooth becomes a permanent part of your mouth. You no longer have to work about the tooth coming loose and the look is much more natural. The implant also helps stabilize the rest of the teeth and can keep them from shifting or loosening. 

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

For most people, having their wisdom teeth removed is just another part of reaching adulthood. Many people have issues with their wisdom teeth because the do not come in all of the way or do come in and crowd the other teeth. When this is the case, having them extracted becomes necessary to avoid potential discomfort or crowding issues.

If you are looking for an oral surgeon in the Long Beach, Seal Beach, Signal Hill or Lakewood area, contact us at 562-494-3477 to schedule a consultation or to find out more information. We look forward to the opportunity in helping you have the smile and dental health you've always hoped for.


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