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Lumineers Long Beach

Lumineers are becoming a very popular solution for patients looking to have a more beautiful smile. They provide the natural look of veneers without the pain. They are comprised of an ultra thin veneer made from patented cerinate porcelain, the strongest porcelain available.

When choosing a traditional veneer, since it is a porcelain-like crown, this often involves extensive and irreversible cutting away of healthy tooth services. It can require multiple shots and extensive visits. Once the tooth surfaces have been cut, temporary crowns are needed while the veneers are being fabricated. Once the veneers are put in place, additional shots are needed.

When lumineers are applied, since they are thin, they can be applied directly onto the teeth without drilling and cutting on healthy teeth. Lumineers can usually be applied in two visits. The process is easy and painless, not shots or drilling. It truly is gain with no pain.

If you are interested in Lumineers as a way to freshen up your smile, give us a call today at 562-494-3477 to find out more information or to schedule a consultation. We also specialize in all forms of cosmetic dentistry including Invisalign and the new KoR teeth whitening system. Lumineers give people the ability to fix dental flaws and have stunning, whiter teeth without having to go through the pain.


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