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Dentist Lakewood - Myths About Dentistry

Visiting the dentist is at the top of anyone’s list of things they want to do. While if a person is sick, they have no problem with seeing their doctor, when it comes to things dental related, the choice of many is avoidance. There can be many reasons why someone is apprehensive about a dental visit. They could have had a previous bad experience, had parents that were dental phobic or heard horror stories from others about a bad experience.

Dr. Rench and the staff at Bayshore Dental believe that understanding and education are the keys to promoting and maintaining good dental health. Here is the truth regarding some of the stereotypes of visiting the dentist.

Phobias of Parents or Elders – Many people get their fears and aversions from their parents. In previous generations, visiting a dentist usually meant an extraction, root canal or other major procedure. Thirty years ago, if you had a bad tooth, it was usually pulled. Procedures were highly invasive and they hurt. However like any other medical field, dentistry has made significant advances that allow for procedures to be performed that are less invasive and less painful. In most cases, teeth are not extracted unless it is absolutely necessary.

Bad Experiences – We all have bad experiences with any number of occupations, whether it is the rude person at the grocery checkout or an unpleasant visit to the dentist. The bottom line is that you don’t stop shopping for groceries because of a rude clerk. You find another grocery store to visit. If you have a bad experience with a dentist, in some cases it can be a matter of finding the right dentist. A dental office that will explain the procedures and show compassion and care, can many times make an unpleasant experience much easier to deal with.

It Hurts - Let’s not kid ourselves. In many cases a visit to the dentist can hurt. The mouth is full of nerves and unfortunately when someone finally does visit a dentist, the problem has usually gone undiagnosed for so long that it has reached the point of causing serious pain and discomfort. However, instead of trying to ignore the pain being cause, be proactive in dental visits and in many cases, prevention can alleviate the need for more advanced procedures. Additionally, pain management as dental techniques have improved significantly. Pain medications and numbing agents can significantly decrease your discomfort and make the process much more bearable.

Horror Stories - We have all heard dental horror stories. Everyone knows a friend or family member that had a horrible experience at the dental office. In these cases, it is not a bad idea to understand the reasons for their experience. If they waited until the problem was at a critical stage, they probably were in pretty bad shape and it might have hurt. However, they probably felt a lot better after the procedure was performed.

In many ways the dental profession is unfairly categorized. If you break your leg and have to go to the emergency room, you don’t complain about the process of resetting your leg. It is necessary to correct a significant trauma. It is the same with dental procedures. If the problem is significant, chances are that the treatment will be significant. However, in many cases, the issues that occur in the dental profession could be avoided with proper education and maintaining good dental health.

Please consider these points when choosing a dentist. Most people have a doctor they visit when they are sick but how many people have a dentist. If a part of your body is hurting, chances are you will go to a doctor to check out the problem. It should be the same concept when you have an issue with your teeth and gums. Remember that the job of a dentist is to help people, take away their pain and make them feel better about themselves. Sounds pretty good if you really think about it right!


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