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Periodontal Disease & Your Heart

It is estimated that 70% of the United States adult population has some form of periodontal disease (gum disease), chronic inflammation of which periodontal disease is the most common. It is now known to be one of the leading risk factors in the development of heart disease.

Through genetic testing it has been discovered that the plaque that builds up at and below the gum line is the same plaque that deposits in the human arteries and cause heart disease and atherosclerosis. It is not just the plaques that cause these issues, but also the generalized inflammation associated with periodontal disease that directly causes an inflammatory response on the arteries of the heart.

It has been 10 years since the health community has confirmed there is a direct link between plaque buildup in the mouth and the arterial system. Infection in the mouth can and does damage your heart.

In the (June 27, 2011) issue of Science Daily, a picture was published showing actual bacteria found in the mouth (S. Mutans) invading a coronary artery cell.The link between heart disease and chronic inflammation and bacteria in the mouth is now a scientific fact. The study of this issue is ongoing and dramatic.


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